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RAD Nut Runners offer quality solutions for improving torque speed. RAD Nutrunners offer Battery Torque Multipliers, Electric Torque tools and Pneumatic Torque Nut runners. RAD Pneumatic Torque Tools and RAD Pneumatic torque multipliers entered the world market over 20 years ago. Purpose built the Pneumatic torque nutrunners tools are Lighter, Faster, Smaller and tougher than anything in the world.

Fast - Light Weight - Accurate - Low Vibration - Simple to Use - Affordable - Quite

Popular for Mining Caterpillar, Komatsu, Power Stations and on Pipe flanges in petrochemical. RAD pneumatic torque nut runners offer adjustable controlled torque. The RAD Pneumatic Torque wrench is ideal for screwing pullers & wheel nuts both tightening and loosening bolting. The RAD pneumatic nut runner torque tools are non Impacting and provide an adjustable torque setting. Common tools include the RAD 10gx RAD 25gx RAD 30DX RAD 60DX

RAD Air Torque multipliers, are ideal for wheel nuts and general engineering. These Air torque guns can be set via a regulator with a final torque accuracy of + or - 5%.  RAD torque Multipliers should be used with Impact Sockets. TJ Tools carry a large range. RAD torque multipliers can be used for driving Bearing Pullers at content speeds and loads. Popular RAD torque tool applications include Track Presses or master link bolts on Dozer Tracks, wheels on Loaders and Dump Trucks. RAD Tools can be specifically set up with nose extensions to suit Cat & Komatsu truck wheels.

Photo Part Number Model Sq Drive Torque Ft Lbs Torque NM RPM Weight  

RAD Single Speed
RAD Single Speed - Air Driven
33880 350SL 3/4" 50 - 350 70 - 475 65 2.7 kg  
33886 10GX 3/4" 200 - 1000 270 - 1,350 20 3.6 kg  
33888 15DX 1" 300 - 1500 400 - 2,000 10 3.9 kg  
33895 25GX 1" 800 - 2,500 1,100 - 3,400 8 6.1 kg  
33897 30DX 1" 700 - 3,000 950 - 4000 7 7.8 Kg  
33900 34GX 1" 1000 - 3,400 1,400 - 4,600 12 9.0 kg  
33910 50DX 1-1/2" 1,500 - 5,000 2,000 - 6,800 7 12.7 kg  
33915 60DX 1-1/2" 2,000 - 6,000 2,700 - 8,130 6.6 12.7 kg  
33920 85DX 1-1/2" 3000 - 8,500 4,070 - 11,520 4.5 17.4 kg  
The Single speed is the standard torque tool in the range. Similar in size and operation to an Impact wrench with the added benefits of controlled torque, less noise and no vibration. Using compressed air, torque is set and controlled a by a regulator, similar to High Torques. Fast rundown with + /- 2% repeat torque accuracy, these tools will offer fast controlled torque, save time, and improve safety.
PRODUCT Part No Model Sq Drive TORQUE Ft Lbs Torque NM RPM
2 speed
Two Speed - Pneumatic
33945-2 350-2 3/4" 100 - 350 135 - 475 300 3 kg PDF 350-2
33950-2 1000-2 3/4" 350 - 1,000 270 - 1,350 85 3.9 kg PDF 10-2
33955-2 1500-2 1" 500 - 1,500 680 - 2,000 50 4.7 kg PDF 15-2
33960-2 2000-2 1" 700 - 2000 950 - 2,700 53 7.55 kg PDF 2000-2
33965-2 2500-2 1" 700 - 2500 950 - 3400 44 7.55 kg PDF 2500-2
High Speed Model *** The 2 speed models offer offer additional rpm to further increase run down speed. The tools automatically switch to the first speed as required.
RAD Pneumatic Torque Tools - Nose Extension ( Kit Form )
PRODUCT - Pneumatic Part No Model Sq Drive TORQUE FT LBS TORQUE NM RPM Nose Length
Kit Form - Nose Ext & Arms.
40255-NX 700 3/4" 100 - 700 150 - 950 30 12"
40330-NX 1000 3/4" 200 - 1000 275 - 1350 20 12"
40335-NX 1500 1" 300 - 1,500 400 - 2,000 10 15"
40340-NX 2500 1" 800 - 2,500 1,100 - 3,400 8 18"
40345-NX 3400 1" 1,000 - 3,400 1,400 - 4,600 12 18"
In " kit form" included is the nose extension and 2 additional reaction arms for getting into those hard to get to places. The extension can be easily removed to permit using the tool in its standard form. pdf catalogue nose extension Kits

RAD Battery Torque Tools BRAD
grt Part No Model Sq Drive Torque
RPM Weight
66650- B BRAD 500 3/4" 100 - 500 300 - 680 5 3.8 kg
66655- B B 500-2 3/4" 100 - 500 270 - 680 ( 2 speed ) 28 4.7 kg
66660- B B 1000 3/4" 200 - 1,000 540 - 1,355 3 4 kg
66665- B B 1000- 2 3/4" 200 - 1,000 540 - 1,355 ( 2 Speed ) 11.5 4.9 kg
66670- B B 1500 1" 300 - 1,500 815 - 2,035 2 4.2 kg
66675- B B 1500- 2 1" 350 - 1,500 815 - 2,035 ( 2 Speed ) 9.5 5.1 kg
66676- B B 3000 1" 600 - 3,000 815 - 4,100   6.1 kg
66677- B B 5000 1-1/2" 1,000 - 5,000 1,350 - 7,000 2.1 8.8 kg
RAD Battery tools Single speed or 2 speed. The ideal solution for in the field. Provides accurate torque and power when and where its needed. Also ideal for turning valves on and off. RAD battery tools offer solutions both in the workshop and in the field. See More
Reaction arm Options
Tool Series Standard Deep Socket Double Ended Arm Blank Double Ended Blank

The RAD 50 tool offers from 1,500 to 5000 Ft lbs. This makes heavy Industrial bolt torqing easy. These nuts are 3" a/f and are torque to 4,500 Ft lbs. This tool has a 1-1/2" Square Drive and provides up to 7 RPM.This application is a coal fired steam boiler press.

Like any other high pressure joint, correct torque is critical, to ensure even load across the flange.The torque output is set using a supplied torque chart. This chart has PSI and torque readings. Simply set the torque required by adjusting the regulator before operation.

The RAD tools are the solution for this job. Liner bolts need the correct torque. Using rattle guns simply over, or under-tigtens bolts. The result is bolts failing.
RAD are High RPM torque tools. They offer torque accuracy to within 2% repeatability. By applying correct torque bolts stay tight. By not over-torquing, the bolts retain their integrity. Most Mills have hundreds of bolts. Re- liner shutdowns hold up production. Rad is the answer. 88 times less vibration 55% less db. fasteners reliable again. Less down time, Safe. Get the job done right the first time.See Video Liner Bolts RAD 50

RAD 700-2 Battery RAD torque tool This tool offers cordless operation using a 18 Volt battery. Exclusive to RAD the battery torque tools are proving a very popular option. Perfect for speeding up torque jobs in and out side the workshop.

300 - 700 Ft Lbs

3/4" Square Drive

See Video RAD B-700 Battery Tool - 2 Speed

RAD 1000 Pneumatic Single speed Torque tool

200 - 1000 Ft Lbs, 3.6 kg, 20 RPM

See Video RAD 1000

Pnematic Nut Runners

ideal for torque wheels Nuts on Loaders and Dump Trucks. RAD Tools are specifically set up with nose extensions to reach in past the planetary hubs. They suit Caterpillar, Komatsu, Terrex Etc. RAD provide many solutions for Wheel Nut re-torques. Often access to wheel nuts is restricted by hubs or the depth of the rim. The RAD unit replaces the need to swing on Hand Torque Wrenches during torque up. It also replaces the use of Rattle Guns which offer no measurable consistent torque accuracy.

See Video of Otraco checking Wheel nut torques on a Caterpillar 793c DUMP TRUCK - Rear Wheels

The tool in the Video is a RAD-2000 ( 500 - 2000 ) 1" square Drive. The RAD 2500 also suits this application equally well.

See Video Rear Wheels

See Video of Otraco checking Wheel nut torques on a Caterpillar 793c DUMP TRUCK - Front Wheels

The tool in the Video is a RAD-25 ( 650 - 2500 ) 1" square Drive. The RAD 2000 also suits this application equally well.

See Video Front Wheels

CAT 785 & 789 Front Strut Tool
Tools for tight application. We also offer a purpose designed reaction arm to permit a reaction onto the adjacent bolt. The webbing around the bolts makes access tricky and obtaining a secure reaction even more challenging. RAD have solved the problem.

The RAD 2000 offers 500-2000 Ft Lbs with a 1" Square Drive. Weight is only 5.8kg. This tool can easily be unutilized for other torque applications. The special arm is easily removed and the standard arm attached in minutes. This make its justification impressive.

Pnematic Nut Runners

lightweight, Quieter, have less vibration, have more powerful, and provide torque accuracy. If your in Mining, Construction, Processing etc maintenance is critical. The right tool makes wheel changing faster, Safer and provides correct torque values. RAD Air Nut Runners are ideal tools for improving torque speed. Rad Pneumatic Torque Guns offer a range of power options, Battery Powered, 240 Volt & Air driven.

Impact Sockets

For Pneumatic Nut Runner Torque Tools. Our Impact Sockets are 9001/2000 Australian approved. We recommended Impact Sockets be used for High Torque applications.

Torque Sockets come in 6 & 12 Point standard and deep. They can be used on Impact Guns, Torque Multipliers, Pneumatic Nut Runners, PT & RAD & Hydraulic Torque Tools. We specialize in BIG Impact Sockets up to 8" a/f .  Extension bars, Reducers, Adaptors and Uni Joints. large Power Sockets from 1/2" up to 2-1/2" Square Drive.

Pnematic Nut Runners

When bolting is located deep inside beams, channels and eye beams RAD is the answer. RAD tools have a high torque run down speed making bolting jobs faster, safer and easier.

Pnematic Nut Runners

KOMATSU 930E-1,2,3,4 Dump Truck Wheels - Pneumatic Torque Tool
Rad offer a specialized tool for these wheels. Special Reaction Arms are used to achieve push points. The tool has been set up to torque wheels on a Komatsu 930e Dump Trucks. See Video this tool.

komatsuAdditional Reaction plates attaches to the tool to do the rear wheels as the the rims are deeper. This unit has a 1" Drive and does 3,200 Ft Lbs. As used by Otraco Tyers The RAD tool offers simple solutions for applying torque to wheel nuts. Part No for this tool is: 49001

Rimex Wheels may require a different tool depending on the Komatsu Model.

Many types of reaction arms to enhance the tools usability. Long arms are common for jobs that are unable to secure a reaction using the standard arm. Applications like Mill Liner bolts, Dozer Tracks, Bridges, Crushers are some of these.

Pneumatic torque tools use an Air / Lubro unit between the Tool and the air supply. These units provide 3 main functions. They have an adjustable air regulator which is used to set and control the final torque out.

The Lubricator supplies an automatic drip oil feed to the air motor. This ensures air motor longevity. The water trap helps trap water in the air.


How do Pneumatic Nut Runners work? Pneumatic torque guns use compressed air to spin a air motors. Before the air reaches the motor an inline regulator and Oiler are used. The regulator reduces the Air Flow and pressure to a measured amount. This is how the torque output is controlled. The tool will stall, when the correct torque is achieved. The air motor drives a gear box to produce a multiplier effect. The tools operate in forward and reverse. Planetary gear systems are used to produce low ratios. This system achieves a smooth torque accuracy of +/ - 5% or better. This gives the operator a known torque output. As the nut tightens the resistance slows the tool until it stalls. At this point the torque is achieved. The tool is calibrated by a transducer to produce a torque chart. Readings are used from this to set the tool. EG: Set the regulator to 45psi air in, to achieve 1,600 Ft Lbs at the tool.


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