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TJ Torque Tools New South Wales - NSW

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Mining - Petrochemical - Power Stations - Rail - Quarries - Heavy Industry

TJ Tools offer Torque Tools Porta Power and Impact designed for industrial environments. Calibration hire sales and repair in NSW. Power Team Large Impact sockets held on stock. Industry Mining types include Coal, Gold, Copper, Iron Ore, Shipping, Construction, Quarries, Power Generation. High Torques are available in several types. Est 1993

Newcastle - Hunter Valley - Sydney - Woolongong - Bathurst - Tamworth - Dubbo

NSW - Australia

Largest Torque & Porta Power Supplier in NSW

TJ Tools opened their first workshop in NSW in 1993. Torque, Porta Power and Impact being the main focus. Over 20 years industry knowledge. Sales Service Repairs & Calibration.

Mines in Australia have many different methods, types and processes. Open cut, Underground, Coal Prep Plants, Crushing Plants, Heap Leach, Ball Mills, Gold, Coal, Iron Ore, the list is endless.The machinery used to excavate, process and convey the resources are many. Dump Trucks, Excavators, Dozers, Water Trucks, Drag Lines, Long Walls, Conveyers. All these machines work 24/7 in tough environments. Torque tooling for these machines needs to be small, light weight and tough. Tough Tools.

TJ Tools are now in their 20th Year serving New South Wales. Servicing clients in areas like Parks NSW Orange NSW Bathurst Lithgow Sydney NSW Woolongong Port Kembla Hunter Valley NSW Thornton Industrial estate Muswellbrook, Singleton Berisfield Gosford Bega Cambera Wagga Wagga Tamworth Gunnedah Forbes Griffith Cobar Broken Hill Dubbo Maitland Goulburn Wetherall Park Paramatta Penrith Liverpool Smithfield.

Companies make no money during downtime
. Mines not only need the best, they want the best. Mine managers know the brands and suppliers they choose, will help or hinder them. WORKSHOP - LOCAL. Does the following sound familiar? " We sent our tools for repair, and they ended up in SA" ! TJ Tools have a fully equipped service center in NSW..... Calibration Hydraulic & Air tools, repair, hire, Parts - all Local ...We have a simple theory. Track record is everything.

Following are some of the Industries and Companies TJ Tools work with. Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, LeTourneau, Liebherr, Terrex & P&H. Metsominerals, Schenck &  Ludowici, Underground earth Moving machinery Joy DBT etc. Companies like, Marion, Power Stations, Petrochemical Refineries, Voest Alpine / VA Eimco, TJ Tools are Preferred Suppliers to the largest corporations in Australia. These include companies like RIO Tinto, Bluescope, Shell, The Navy, One Steel, Orica, Alstom, Barrick, Thiess Etc..

TJ Tools Only Offer the Best Brands
The director and the national manager of TJ Tools are qualified Fitters. We could not offer products we wouldn't use ourselves. For you, this means you're getting the best in the world, here in Australia. Tjs test their brands in their hire fleet for a minimum of 12 Months before considering distribution. If they can survive being hired to the mining Industry .... Products companies use TJ Tools for are Hydraulic Torque Tools , Pneumatic Nut runners Torque Tools, Hand Torque Tools, Multipliers, Porta Powers and large Impact Sockets.

We also offer Sidchrome & ABW tools. Hire & Sales. TJ Tools has grown through offering old fashion service and advice. We work hard to control our costs so we remain competitive. We invite your phone call or visit. You will discover we have a good understanding of your needs. We know you need the best, at the right price, with backup, and yesterday. Thank you for visiting our web site.

Our aim
is to offer information so you can best choose the right tooling for your needs. This means we only import brands we know have track record in mining environments. We have hands on experience and understand how your industry operates and what your needs are in the field. We look forward to you joining us.

Reconditioned Used Second Hand Torque Multipliers
- TJ Tools offer a large range of reco tools. These include Hytorc NSW branch of TJ Tools has become the largest repair center in Australia for torque tools.


Torque Tool Types

HAND TORQUE WRENCHES NSW ~ Hand operated torque tools measure torque using the operators own force. The operator is required to push or pull on the handle. Most tools can be preset and alert the operator with a "click" when the torque is achieved. These tools can measure in Inch & Ft Lbs & in Newton Meters. Their range can be from 10 Inch Pounds up to around 1,000 Ft Lbs. These Hand tools are predominantly used by the automotive and small manufacturing industries. An accuracy of around + or - 5% is expected however variations may occur from different users. Hand Torque wrenches offer great solutions for Applying torque to improve fastener reliability in light industry. More Info


HAND TORQUE MULTIPLIERS NSW~ Torque Multipliers use Gearbox ratios to achieve  torque multiplication. Not unlike the gearbox in a car, where the 1st gear ratio provides a torque or power advantage. Torque Multipliers offer better access, power and accuracy over impact guns and hand tools. Ratios are many,  5:1, 12:1, 15:1, etc. They work by placing a hand torque wrench in the input e.g. you apply 10Ft Lbs through a 5:1 Ratio to achieve 50 Ft Lbs output. Notes: Torque Accuracy can vary from user to user.  Multipliers are generally used in light industry or in the field where there is no power. More Info


PNEUMATIC TORQUE NUTRUNNERS NSW ~ These tools use compressed air to spin air motors which in turn drives a multiplier gearbox. They are best suited for Light to medium industry from around 500 to 5,000 Ft lbs.  The supply air needs to be at least 40 CFM ( Cubic Feet Per Minute ) at over 80psi. The air passes through a regulator before it reaches the gun. The regulator can be adjusted to reduce the air flow. This is how the torque output is controlled. The tool will stall when the set torque is achieved.

Torque readings are taken from Torque Charts showing a PSI / Torque figures. These tools are suited to applications where access is more open due to their larger size & weight. They are ideal for Truck Wheel nuts and general engineering due to their higher "free running" speed. Mill liner bolts and Flight Bar bolts are ideal applications for these tools. They operate in reverse for undoing by switching a lever. They have a torque accuracy around + or - 5% on a maintained air supply. More Info


HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCHES NSW - Square Drive Series ~ These tools use a small Hydraulic Cylinder inside the tool which pushes onto a ratchet gear. The tool is driven by a High Pressure Hydraulic pump connected via flexible hoses. The pumps have a Variable pressure regulator from 1,500  to 10,000 psi . By adjusting this pressure you can control the torque output.  A  Torque chart is used showing Torque & Pressure figures for torque settings. Once set, the tool will stall or stop ratcheting when the pre set pressure is achieved. 

This model is for use with Impact Sockets. It has  Square Drive Sizes from 1/2" up to 2-1/2"   There are 8 tool sizes  providing  from 200 - 48,000 Ft Lbs ( 300 - 60,000 nm )  Hydraulic torque tools have the best torque accuracy and repeatability as they have less external variables. These tools achieve + or - 3% torque accuracy or better. Repeatability at around 1%. Hydraulic Torque tools don't rely on Human force or varying air pressures. The Hydraulic Pressure powering them is consistent and more reliable.

Hydraulic torque tools offer the highest output for their size and weight.  All these attributes have made them very popular. They cater from light industry right through to Heavy Industry. More Info



HYDRAULIC TORQUE WRENCHES NSW Hex Link Cassette ~ This model uses Hex Cassettes or Ratchet Links. These are required when overhead clearance is limited, and a thinner wrench is required. They are also ideal for long studs as the stud passes through the tool.   There are 6 tool sizes providing from 200 - 32,000 Ft Lbs.  Hydraulic torque tools have the best torque accuracy and repeatability as they have less external variables.  For These tools + or - 3% or better is expected. These Hydraulic tools offer the best size, power to weight and torque accuracy advantages, making them popular.

Hex Link  Hydraulic Hex Link cassette tools are the solution for long studs and tight access.  At TJ Tools you can Rent Torque Wrenches or Purchase.  Hex Cassette Link tools offer A/f sizes from 20 To 165 mm. Hex Cassette or Link tools are ideal for pipe flanges, Slu Rings or any application where overhead access is limited. All tools come with a Torque Calibration Certificate. High Torque Hex Cassette tools are used in Mines, Power Stations, Petrochemical Etc. These tools use a small Hydraulic Cylinder inside the tool that pushes onto a ratchet gear. The tool is driven by a High Pressure pump connected via flexible hoses. The pumps have a Variable pressure regulator from 1,500  to 10,000 psi . By adjusting this pressure you can control the torque output. A Torque chart is used showing Torque & Pressure figures for torque settings. Once set, the tool will stall or stop ratcheting when the pre set pressure is achieved.  More info


IMPACT TORQUE SOCKETS & IMPACT SOCKETS NSW ~ Impact Sockets or Torque sockets are a heavy duty version of normal sockets. They feature a thicker wall and use higher grade materials and hardening to improve their strength. Recommended for High Torque applications. Torque Sockets come in 6 & 12 Point standard and deep. They can be used on Impact Guns, Torque Multipliers, Pneumatic Nut Runners, PT & RAD & Hydraulic Torque Tools. Impact Accessories include  Extension bars, Reducers, Adaptors and Uni Joints. large Power Sockets from 1/2" up to 2-1/2" Square Drive.  More Info



Mining companies rely heavily on quality Lifting and pulling Porta Powers. Powerteam have been serving the Mining Industry for over 40 years in Australia, supplying many of the largest Mining Corporations. If your mine isn't using POWERTEAM yet, let us put you in touch with the ones who do. More Info

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