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Hydraulic Jacking Cylinders 10,000psi

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TJ Tools are the Authorized Powerteam Distributors and Repair Centers for Power Team SPX Products.

Hydraulic Cylinders are used for lifting pressing pulling spreading. Hydraulic Jacking tools operate at up to 10.000 psi. Single or double acting units.   Center Hole Rams squat cylinders Jacking Rams 5 to 500 tons force. lifting pulling Jacking. Hydraulic Porta Power Jacking Rams and Hydraulic Porta Power Jacking Cylinders are designed to solve all your lift and shift needs. See Pumps Hoses Pullers Presses Other Power Team Products

Hydraulic Jacking Ram Index - Click Selection Here
single Acting
double acting
locking collar Low Prifile
Center Hole Aluminium Ram
Single Acting
5 - 1,220 ton
Double Acting
10-1,220 Ton
Locking Collar Low Profile / Squat Center Hole / Hollow Aluminium

Power Team offer an extensive range of Porta Power Cylinders. The above pictures are the common cylinders for your quick selection. Click on the picture to view more info and a product video. The video further explains the type of usage for the given ram type. Hydraulic Porta Power jacking Cylinders can be used in many ways to lift, pull, spread, form, press etc ... The main information you need is the tonnage required, the lift and the minimum collapsed height so it fits your application.

Hydraulic Jacking Cylinders
Single Acting Video

( 5 - 100 ) ( 55 - 565 ) ( 740 - 1220 Ton )
Suited for lifting pushing pressing spreading etc.
Load or spring return system. Made in the USA.

How To Order:
1- How many Tons force required ?
2- Extension or stroke required ?
3- Minimum collapsed height required ?
4- Pump Required - Hand, Air or 240 Volt - Hose length?

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PDF Ram Single Acting catalogue 5 To 100 Ton

PDF Catalogue Single Acting 55 - 565 Tons
PDF Catalogue Single Acting 740 - 1,220 Tons


( 10 - 500 ) ( 100 - 565 ) ( 740 - 1220 Ton )

Double Acting cylinders. These cylinders are perfect for any heavy industry lifting application, pressing, or pushing application. Rated up to 10.000 psi, made in the USA.

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How To Order:
1- How many tons force would you like ?
2- How much extension or stroke would you like from the cylinder ?
3- When the cylinder is fully retracted, what is your minimum height requirement.
4- Do you need a pump and hose ( Air or 240 driven )

PDF Catalogue Double Acting Rams 10 To 500 Tons

PDF Catalogue Double Acting Rams 100 To 565 Tons
PDF Catalogue Double Acting Rams 740 To1,220 Tons
center hole rams video JACKING RAMS - CENTER HOLE / HOLLOW
Single Acting 10 - 100 Ton
Double Acting 30 - 200 Ton

10 To 100 Ton. Hollow or Center Hole rams are ideal for stretching cable or pulling bolts or threaded rod. Designed for lifting, pushing Pulling or pressing.

How To Order:
1- How many tons force or lift do you need ?
2- How much extension or stroke would you like from the cylinder ?
3- When the cylinder is fully retracted, what is your minimum height requirement.
4- What size do you need the center hole to be ?
5- Do you need a pump and hose ( Hand, Air or 240 driven ) ?

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PDF Catalogue Ram Hollow Center Single Acting 10 To 100 Tons
PDF Catalogue Ram Hollow Center Double Acting 30 To 200 Tons
Video Locking Collar JACKING RAMS - Locking Collar
( 55 - 556 Tons )

Locking Collar Hydraulic Jacking cylinders. These Locking collar cylinders are perfect for turing a ram in to a mechanical stand after jacking. The locking collar provides a mechanical support on the cylinder shaft.

Available in Aluminum or steel cylinders.

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Ram - Locking Collar Aluminum Cylinders 55- 100 Ton Single Acting
Ram - Locking Collar Cylinders, steel, 55- 565 Ton Single Acting
Aluminium Video JACKING RAMS - Aluminum
( 20 200 Tons )

Aluminium Light Weight cylinders. When weight is important, these cylinders are the answer.

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Aluminum PDF Catalogue Single Acting Spring Return 20 - 200 Tons
Low Profile Video JACKING RAMS - Low Profile

Squat - 5 - 150 Tons
Low Profile - 10 - 250 Tons

Squat and Low Profile Hydraulic jacking cylinders. These rams are used to access tight areas. Examples might be lifting loads of the floor or pressing couplings apart. The Low clearance cylinders offer shorter extension strokes to facilitate lower collapsed heights.

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Ram - Low Profile Squat Cylinders single acting, spring return 5 - 150 Ton

Ram - Short Profile Cylinders Single acting, 10 - 250 Ton
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