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Hydraulic Torque Spanners

Hydraulic Spanners are the smallest, lightest, most accurate and most powerful torque spanner for use in Industrial environments.

Compared to Pneumatic or electric Nut Runners Torque Spanners offer half the weight & size with twice the power, reliability and accuracy.

Welcome to the TJ Tools & Hex Cassette Hydraulic Torque Spanners. Hydraulic torque Spanners have the perfect balance of quality, features, design & price. This is a serious INDUSTRIAL Tool, serviced and sold by experienced people.

There are two main types. The square drive tool for the use with Impact Sockets and the Ring Spanner tool for use with long studs or low overhead clearance.

Hydraulic Spanner tools are popular for Mining, Petrochemical, Locomotive, Engineering, Construction, Tower Cranes and more. These tools offer simple solutions for challenging heavy industrial environments. Hydraulic Torque Spanners have exceptional reliability, particularly during breakout or loosening of bolting. We recommend if you're in Heavy Industry, you test drive the Tools for yourself. All High Torque spanners are supplied with Calibration Certificates. lightweight and Powerful. We have distributors Australia wide: Unley - Adelaide, Hunter Valley Sydney , Archerfield Brisbane, Osbourne Park Perth, Karratha Pilbara with sales, service, Calibration and hire facilities.

We welcome you talk to us, you have questions, we have answers. "You will just know, you have found the right people"

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