Huck Guns provide hydraulic force to install huck bolts or rivets. Bridges,CPP, Rail, Construction, Screens. Vibration Solutions.
These tools use Hydraulic pumps to extend the huck tool piston. This in turn pulls on the huck rivet until the tail disconnects. Just like a pop rivet gun but powered. Simply place the tool nose over the huck bolt, pull the trigger and remove after the tail shears off. The pump has preset pressures that do all the work. Nothing to set or monitor as the tail separates once the designed force in archived. Popular users include Metso, Ludowici, Schenck and Auri.

HUCK TOOLS - Hire & Sales
Huck Tool Part Type Imperial Metric
61900 Huck Tool - Standard 5/8" 16mm
61901 Huck Tool - Standard 3/4" 19mm
61902 Huck Tool - Standard 7/8" 22mm
61903 Huck Tool - Standard 1" 25mm
61904 Huck Tool - Standard 1-1/8" 29mm
Huck Tool - Off Set Part Type Imperial Metric
61905 Huck Tool - Off Set 5/8" 16mm
61906 Huck Tool - Off Set 3/4" 19mm
61907 Huck Tool - Off Set 1" 25mm
There are 2 main types of tools. Standard & Off Set. The offset tools are shorter & specialized, suited to tight access. Off set tools are less suited to multiple usage, or production.
Equipment is normally supplied with a Tool, Pump & 8m hose set. Pumps can be driven by 240 Volt or Compressed Air.

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