High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses

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Hose sets to suit Hytorc Powerteam Huck Enerpac Hydraulic Torque tools

TJ Tools offer Hose sets to Mining and heavy industry to suit Hydraulic Torque Tools, Porta Power and High Torque tools. These hoses are used in rugged environments. We cater to many mine types. Coal, Gold, Copper, Iron Ore, Uranium, Sand, Diamond, etc. TJ Tools have specialized to the Mining and Oil & Gas Industry for over 18 years. We cover most of Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, NSW, QLD, NT, WA, SA, VIC, NZ, PNG & Singapore.



4:1 Dedicated High Torque Hydraulic Hose Sets.

These High Torque hose sets have been developed following years of in-field experience. They have evolved from your feedback, needs and requirements.

" Designed specifically for Hydraulic Torque Wrenches working hard in heavy industry "

PDF Specifications Hose Catalogue MTK30000

4:1 Pressure Rating - Safety Hydraulic Torque wrenches, in 95% of cases are double-acting. They use a variable pressure on the advance side up to 10,000 psi. This is how the torque is controlled. The retract side, in most cases, operates at around 1,500 psi. The retract pressure returns the torque tool piston.

Some companies fit 2:1 rated hoses to Hydraulic Torque Tools. We believe if a 4:1 hose is available and it can improve safety, they should be used. In most cases, the cost increase to 4:1 is minimal, yet they improve safety by 100%. All hoses we supply for hydraulic torque wrenches are 4:1 Rated. This meaning 10,000 psi Working pressure with a 40,000 psi burst.

"High Torque" Hose Branded - Right Hose, Right Job: Many of our clients are understandably confused about what hose does what ! All too often we see hoses coming in to our service center modified to run rams, huck tools, jaws of life, hydraulic torque tools, 2:1, 4:1 ??? - you name it. This may occur during different shifts where somebody modifies hose plumbing and forgets to change it back.

End result being, the next person assumes it's correct. To end this, we have labeled the hose set " High Torque" This way the operator can clearly see he is using the correct hose. (* Patent Pending)

"Replace Worn or Damaged Hoses" This instruction is marked clearly on the hose to remind operators to be conscious of maintenance requirements. All efforts have been made to keep the operator alert and aware. Any hose showing fatigue, ageing, bend or crush marks or burns, needs to be replaced. Our web address and the hose part number is clearly marked for easy re-order of the correct hose.

Part Number #1337 This number allows companies to catalogue this hose in their own system as the dedicated hose for the high torque tools. This helps all parties to ensure confusion is avoided.

Swage Guards The 1337 hose offers quality, sturdy, hose guards. They offer a great balance of stability for the hose ends. This ensures the swage is stiffened effectively to offer damage protection. The 1337 hose ends still offers flexibility during operation. It still remains our recommendation that any hoses under pressure are best left hands free.

Hydraulic Fittings 700 Bar Branded How many times have you searched for a rating on a fitting and found nothing? We have seen hoses come in with brass fittings, galv, you name it. Some fittings even appear high pressure but they're not - how would you know? The solution was to ensure all our hoses use branded fittings showing ratings.

High Viability Hose - Yellow Feedback from clients identified one common request. High Viability. Yellow was a preferred choice. The better the visibility the greater chance damage is avoided.

Couplers - Screw Connect Compatibility. Almost all brands of Hydraulic wrenches are using 1/4" ball screw couplers. They just seem to have become a preference or industry standard. They have been around a long time and very proven. All our hoses are supplied complete ready to go. They include all the couplers, fittings, Hydraulic Test tag, and are bled and tested. Just connect and go !

Webbed Twin line - Some supplies in a effort to cut costs, join 2 single line hoses with cable ties. This does not work. Once the cable tie fails, the hoses quickly separate and begin to tangle. Our hose are a factory webbed twin line, designed and manufactured specifically for operating double acting Hydraulic Torque tooling.

Hose Tagging - TJ Tools were the first company in Australia to design and attach Hydraulic Hose Test Tags. This tag has now become standard in most places. It demonstrates the hose has been tested at its maximum working pressure. A test date and a due date is shown on the tag. All hoses TJ Tools supply are accompanied by a Hydraulic Test Tag

Please note: Hoses supplied are plumbed to the general industry standard for Hydraulic Torque tools. Female couplers on the high pressure side with the male on the low pressure side. It is advised you ensure this suits your requirements before connecting.

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