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Calibration Service, Sales & Hire. High Torques, Hand torque, Nut Runners, Pressure Gauges. All calibrations offered with certificates.

Its recommended Torque equipment be calibrated minimum 12 monthly to ensure output accuracy. Torque output loss is not visible. Torque tools are mechanical meaning damage, wear, dirt, water, or seizure can result. Calibration frequency ranges from 3 to 12 monthly depending on type of tool, industry and usage.
Static method is used for High torques, multipliers and hand wrenches. Dynamic measurerment is used for nut runners powered by Air, 240 Volt or battery


Its importand to regulary re calibrate hand torque wrenches because they tend to be over extended and damaged. This mostly occurs because they have no real limiter.

Calibrating these tools should be done on a fix bed and triggered mechanically to eliminate human error and variations. Accuracy with these tools may vary in the field depending on the the torque value, and how the user operates to wrench.

TORQUE NUT RUNNERS ( Stall & Shut Off ) These tools use Air, 240 Volt or Battery motors that drive multiplying gearbox. These tools must be calibrated dynamically ( Soft Joint ) This means the tool is stalled slowly to ensure the readings are free of inertia or momentum. The readings are mostly taken at the torque peak particularly for shut off tools - battery & 240 Volt.

To archive accuracy and full output the following should be tested & checked. Gearbox and motor & damage or friction, regulator operation, Oil Drip rate function & setting, Pressure gauge accuracy, CFM Inlet air restrictions, battery condition & charge status. Any issues would require correction to enable authentic calibration outcomes.

Note: For air tools,on return if using small entry air fittings or long small diameter hoses you will inhibit cfm. This will in turn reduce torque output. Nut runners should only use their own chart due to variations from tool to tool.

HYDRAULIC WRENCHES ( Stall Tools ) Sq Drive & Hex Cassette. Hydraulic wrenches are measured statically. This effectively means a hard joint. This is possible as there is no real momentum and these are a stall tool.

The Tool Pre checks requited are Hydraulic seals, mechanicals, lubrication levels and its function.

The Hydraulic pump requires the correct oil type & levels , pressure gauge accuracy & correct pressures and porting to be tested.

For Hex Cassette tools the power head should remain with the intended cassette size to eliminate variations & connection issues.

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