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Torque Wrench Calibration

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TJ Tools are equipped to carry out Torque Calibration to Hand Multipliers, Hydraulic and pneumatic Torque tools. Over 20 years experience performing torque calibration. NATA traceable certificates are provided along with tool condition assessments.

Torque Calibration Torque multipliers: It is important to calibrate a Hand torque Wrench to a specified Multiplier. In most cases a 12:1 Multiplier may not produce a 12:1 result. This is due to friction through gears and bearing surfaces. Calibrating the two units together and producing a torque chart is the only way to ensure the correct output.

Torque Calibration Pneumatic Nut Runners: Air torque Tools are calibrated using a run Down fixture. This is a specifically designed system which allows the tool to be running prior to its stall point. Measuring torque in this way is critical for pneumatic tools to ensure correct readings.

Torque Calibration Hydraulic Torque Wrenches: These tools come in Square drive and hex cassette link formats. TJ Tools are well equipped with hex adaptors and specialize tooling to cater to this type of calibration. Hydraulic tools are static Torque tested. The reading is taken at the first stall point. 5 readings are taken at each value to produce a mean average of the tools output. TJ Tools perform procedures in line with Australian standards. TJ Tools have been providing calibration services to companies like Rio Tinto, BHP and the Navy for 20 years.

Servicing Hydraulic & Pneumatic: We recomend all Torque tools be serviced prior to calibration to check for damage and refresh lubricate levels. TJ Tools have extensive experience and service facilities in this field.

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